Fill Asphalt Cracks for a Smoother Appearance

Fill Asphalt Cracks for a Smoother Appearance

Repair your pavement with an asphalt crack filling service in Cambridge, Newark & Zanesville, OH,

Has your asphalt developed minor cracks? It might only need asphalt crack filling to be smooth again.

When you want asphalt crack filling, choose E-Z Flo Painting Inc. of Cambridge, Newark and Zanesville, OH, . We provide affordable asphalt crack filling on residential and commercial property within 50 miles of Cambridge, OH.

How do cracks form and how are they fixed?

Over time, fluids like water leak into unsealed pavement and weaken it. As the weather heats and cools, the water expands and contracts, further destabilizing the structure of the pavement. Eventually, these weakened spots become so damaged that they crack open.

To repair these cracks, we start by cleaning out any debris inside them. We mend the cracks with high-quality Crafco filler. We won't leave you with bumpy, difficult patches. Our attentive team will repair each crack smoothly.