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E-Z Flo Painting experts paint and maintain parking lots and driveways

First impressions matter, and your visitors form their first impression before they reach your front door. They see your property from the parking lot or driveway.

Give them the best first impression possible. Choose parking lot painting and maintenance by E-Z Flo Painting Inc. We work on parking lots and driveways within 50 miles of Cambridge, OH.

If your business's parking lot is looking worn or disorganized, we'll renew it with parking lot striping. You can rely on us to repaint worn-away lines or to create a new layout that suits the flow of traffic through your parking lot. Our parking lot striping is neat, highly visible and durable.

We'll also restore damaged parking lots with asphalt crack filling. We'll protect them from future damage with sealcoating. These choices are great for driveways, too. Our driveway sealcoating will make your driveway smooth and fresh-looking again.

When you need a parking lot painting service, choose E-Z Flo Painting.

Parking Lot Striping

Fortify your driveway or parking lot with protective sealcoating.


E-Z Flo Painting fills cracks in asphalt driveways and parking lots in Cambridge, OH.

Crack Filling

E-Z Flo Painting provides a variety of services for parking lots and more.

Other Services

How can we improve your parking lot?

We will:

  • Design a parking lot layout and paint it
  • Protect your driveway or parking lot with sealcoating
  • Repair pavement with asphalt crack filling
  • Install parking lot signage, like Americans with Disabilities Act signs
  • Add crosswalks, concrete wheel blocks and other parking lot details
  • Paint your building's exterior and structural steel
  • Power wash your parking lot or your building

We're able to work on home and commercial properties within 50 miles of Cambridge, OH. We maintain parking lots and driveways of all types and sizes. No project is too small, large or unusual for us! You can count on our team to take care of your parking lot.

To learn more, call us today at 740-638-2824. We provide free estimates on parking lot striping. We'll look forward to answering your questions.

Durability Is Our Specialty

E-Z Flo Painting creates surfaces with staying power